Welcome to the Snapshots of My Life

The Adventure

my life in a glance

I lived almost half of my life overseas and away from my home or my parents since the age of 15. I received a full scholarship from the Singapore Ministry of Education and began my journey as a world wanderer.

I made critical decisions to explore a new segment of the world at different phases of my life and I'm grateful that my parents have always been supportive of my choice.

Here is a podcast for the story of my adventures (before covid shuts me down).

I traveled extensively

Took my parents around US Southwest National Parks
summer 2014

Drove around Europe by myself in 33 days
summer 2015

I take a lot of photos

I've been active

The Tranquility

books I read recently

Thinking in Systems

Donella H. Meadows, Diana Wright

Paradox of Choice

Barry Schwartz

Asking the Right Questions

M. Neil Browne, Stuart M. Keeley

books that influenced my personal values

The Road Less Traveled

M. Scott Peck

The Consolations of Philosophy

Alain de Botton

When Nietzsche Wept

Irvin D. Yalom

I recently started cooking

Oh, and one more cool thing I've done:
Joined a head-shaving fundraiser program to raise $500 for childhood cancer research.

See details here